Record Management is the professional practice for the management, also physical, of documents of an organization in all their life cycle, from the moment of their creation until their final disposal. This definition includes the identification, classification, tracking, archiving, security, re cycling, monitoring and destruction or permanent conservation of the documents.

RS-SQL® (Record Storage for SQL Server) by O’neil Software is the global leader product for archives management and is used by FDM to offer a complete control of the information and to guarantee efficiency and performance.

Functionalities offered by FDM’s Record Management Solutions allow a complete tracking of all specific processes of paper documents management.

In particular, FDM’s solutions provide for each document:
  • The identification of the document, through application of univocal Barcodes;
  • The classification, through data capture procedures that can be automated, semi-automated or manual;
  • The tracking, through optical readers, of the document’s path from the moment of its creation for all the specific management cycle, even at the Customer’s office;
  • The archiving and the positioning, tracking the physical locationing of each element;
  • The security: each access to the document is delineated and traced;
  • The destruction or permanent conservation.
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