FDM provides its Customer with competences and technologies for the Realization of Portal Enterprise directed to the integration and publication of contents, differentiated for the users profile, both for users inside the organization and external ones.

Through a deep knowledge of the market’s leader technologies, it realizes Custom Interfaces, for the sharing of any kind of documentary contents, both administrative, commercial and technical with the business interlocutors of the Customer and with final clients, partners, suppliers, agents.

The access to Enterprise Portal Web Solutions can be done also in mobility, through the use of Apps or WebApps arranged by FDM on the basis of the Customer’s specific needs.


In particular, FDM owns a strong specific competence to answer to the companies’ needs of financial and credit sectors, strengthened through the creation of Enterprise Portal solutions integrated with the CRM and ERP systems of the customer, that allow:

  • Visualization of invoices
  • Visualization of the annual bank statement
  • Visualization of communications between company and customer and/or suppliers and/or dealers.
  • Payments by credit cards of potential expired instalments.
  • Visualization and printing of MAV forms for the release and payment of expired instalments.
  • Download of various forms (documents for release, SEPA forms, etc.)
  • Request of administrative documents ( securities note statement, amortization schedule, etc.)
  • Request of calculations for the early resolution of the debt.
  • Document research
  • Opening of assistance tickets towards the customer service
  • Database management (change of address and contacts)
  • Visualization of contractual data.
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