Group Partners

Strategic partnerships supporting FDM’s Services and Solutions
OnBase is a platform by Hyland with functionalities such as Enterprise Contents Management (ECM), projects management, Business Processes Management (BPM), record management and acquiring of data and documents. Thanks to the combination of all these functionalities, OnBase represents a fast development platform of company applications and allows to create contents management solutions for the entire organization.
FDM is partner of Ephesoft, the only platform Open Source of Data Capture Enterprise, that allows the management of multichannel inputs, the classification of structured, semi-structured and free-text documents, the extraction of metadata from documents, the interactive revision of the results. Being developed on a Java2 stack, Ephesoft solution represents a valid and cheap alternative to the more known Capture systems present on the market linked to owner technology.

A2iA is global leader in the sector of data recognition from images. A2iA solution is specialized in the capture of a document’s qualifying data through the standardization of data positioning models and the identification of the handwritten content on documents.

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