FDM’s solutions of  Enterprise Content Management, usable online, make the management and the control of the company’s data easy and safe, allowing document management of all informative data produced and recieved inside of an organization, independently on its format.

Depending on the specific needs of Customers, FDM proposes ECM solutions using its own solution EasyView (based on the suite Alfresco Workdesk) or the platform OnBase® produced by Hyland Software.


FDM’s Document Management Platform is EasyView: based on Alfresco Workdesk (repository) and Activiti® (Business Process Management), has been designed according to SaaS logic (Software as a Service) in order to allow the customer to be able to benefit from a Document Management System without having to undertake the duties of its management.
EasyView manages every kind of digital document (images, reports, application files, HTML forms, e-mail, videos, etc.), during its entire life cycle, supporting the characteristic processes of creation, sharing and archiving.
FDM developed some appliance of EasyView that meet characteristics of the following processes:
  • EasyRoute i san appliance which is specifically studied to optimize the management of Digital Mailroom
  • EasyTrack is the system of FDM tha integrates the Content Management and the Record Management
  • EasyStaff is the solution of Content Management specialized by FDM for the Management of documents related to HR area and employee folders. It integrates functionalities of approvation WorkFlow and the more traditional ones of Record Management
  • EasyMobile is the solution of FDM for the Remote Mobile Capture based on A2iA Mobility technology. Available on iOS and Android it allows to catch and to interpretate any data about allowances, identification documents and forms of various types.
  • EasyPortal is FDM’s system that integrates the Content Management and the Customer/Provider Management in an only-one solution



OnBase®  by Hyland is an international market leader suite, that allows to create applications of Document Management for automation of processes, to manage all the company’s contents in an only-one safe repository and to integrate other company applications to give access to the information when and where it is necessary.

Solutions implemented by FDM take advantage of all the characteristic strenght points of the OnBase platform, are able to integrate with the exhistent company applications, can be distributed in cloud and used by mobile devices.


Functionalities offered by FDM’s Enterprise Content Management solution are complete and scalable. User interface is simple and intuitive and allows management of processes, even of high complexity, by internal or external users who did not recieve a specific training.

Users’ access is safe and parametrizable depending on  specific needs of profiling and can be done from every device, also mobile, to guarantee the maximum availabiliy of the platform and help the sharing of contents in mobility.

FDM’s solutions can easily be integrated with other company applications used by the Customer: this aspect is very important because it maximize the time available for the user to accomplish activities of added value and its efficiency, simplifying also the training needed and deleting manual activities of data transferring from a system to another.

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