FDM’s WorkFlow Management solutions guarantee the optimization, monitoring and integration of the company processes, making them more efficient and improving their practicality. Being completely integrated in the ECM platform they allow to manage the collaborative processes that are at the basis of the system of Content Management.

With such solutions it is also possible to manage and realize the automation of documental flows, the management of Digital Mailroom, the Monitoring and Tracking of documentary processes.
FDM’s WorkFlow Management solutions are created through the use of the specific application component both of Alfresco Activiti® platform and OnBase® platform, that automate business processes and allow to define collaborative processes with the aim to improve the efficiency and maximize the performance.
When the documents are recieved, the correct processes are activated automatically: each document is promptly directed towards the expected addressee, deleting the delays caused by the physical transfer of paper documents. The waiting activities are notified to the users, who can assign the right priority to them easily and on the basis of configurable criteria. All the contents that feature the business are easily accessible and decisions can be taken with maximum security.
These Solutions are completely configurable, they adapt to the most different business issues, they base on the analysis of events, on the users’ profiles and the organizational structures, on data, document and case management.
The applications can be accessible through any web browser, tablet, smartphone and they can be recalled through web services.

All the solutions’ functionalities of FDM’s WorkFlow are usable through a simple and intuitive interface, setting the user free from knowing the entire process: every user or group of users is consulted just when he/she has to intervene in the activity flow. This characteristic is made transparent and intuitive with an “Inbox” approach.

The workflow’s engine used by FDM is based on BMP 2.0 Standard (Business Process Management, version 2.0), International standard for process management.

This characteristic allows to:
  • To Design the processes using any tool compliant with BMP 2.0;
  • To move easily towards any engine compatible with BMP 2.0.
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