FDM’s Document Centers are characterised by the high security standards and the extensiveness in the territory. Being technologically advanced, they are entirely governed by a logistic system that the constant tracking of each document during its permanence in the archive.

They are made of over 100.000 m2 of archives (comparable to 15 soccer fields) assigned to the custody of documents and more than 6.000 m2 of offices, for BPO and Back Office activity.

Inside its Document Centers, FDM has available spaces dedicated to the custody of particularly delicate and valuable documents:

  • Dedicated spaces named Level4 with inert gas firefighting system, controlled temperature and humidity (23°± 2° and 50% ± 10%), smoke detectors, CCTV and access control;
  • Dedicated spaces named Level5 comparable to Level4, but with further protection on accesses through anti-intrusion security door and walls (Bunker).

Physical security

  • Access control system (external and internal accesses for working areas)
  • Volumetric and perimetral anti-intrusion security system
  • Security firm connected through radio link with GPRS technology
  • Video surveillance system (h24, 7/7)


Fire safety

  • Automated fire-extinguishing system with water Sprinkler
  • Automated fire-extinguishing system with inert gas Sprinkler (Sala CED, level 4)
  • Fire and smoke detecting systems
  • Smoke and heat evacuatore
  • Manual fire-extinguishing system (external topsoil hydrants, internal hydrants, hose reel wall)



Via XI Settembre, snc
27036 Pavia PV
Sesto al Reghena
Via Cornia, 1
33079 Pordenone PN
Località Autoporto, 14
11020 Aosta AO
San Donà di Piave
Via B. Pontecorvo, snc
30027 Venezia VE
Quarto d'Altino
Via Abate Tommaso, 72/A/4
30020 Venezia VE
Strada delle Saline, 5
34015 Trieste TS
Via delle Valli, snc
04011 Latina LT
Città della Pieve
Vocabolo Fornace, 12
06066 Perugia PG
San Nicola la Strada
Viale Carlo III
81020 Caserta CE
Lamezia Terme
Zona Industriale Ex. SIR Comparto 3
88046 Lamezia Terme CZ
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