FDM contributes to improve the operational efficiency of the Customer, through BPO and Back Office services delivering with an offer that includes the constant support to the users through a structured and competent Help Desk.
In particular, BPO and Back Office services can concern:
  • Administrative Support;
  • Operational assistance;
  • Service Coordination;
  • Support to the use of web applications;
  • Trainig;
  • Users and password management.
In order to guarantee high levels of service, normative compliance and quality standards, FDM offers services that integrates itself at every level with processes, systems and applications of the Customer.


  • Classification and Standardization of documents;
  • Compliance, verification and completeness controls of the documentation and presence of all the elements, documents, signatures, acts and attachments needed for the business process, with anomalies warning;
  • Scan and data extraction, with both automated and manual procedures;
  • Registry and data’s coherence controls, through the integration with external databases, both belonging to the Customer and Public.

Particularly significant and noteworthy, are the experiences reached by FDM about BPO on management of insurance accident policies (life and Damages) and financing contracts, about the analysis, classification and standardization of non-performing loans (NPL), the “virtual” management of employee folder (about HR area), the administrative processes linked to both Passive and Active Cycles, and about the complete outsourcing of some specific services of Multiutility Companies (Deliberations 40/40 and 87/06).

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