Archiving and paper document management Service, both at low and high consultation frequency, is a historic and strengthened Service of FDM. The documents entrusted to FDM are archived in structures provided with all the security systems, both active and passive, constantly controlled by private security and protected by firefighting and anti-intrusion systems.
Paper documents are insert in specific archiving units identified by a barcode that specifies the content and the specific location of the storehouse. Data are recorded on FDM’s Record Management System.
Particularly delicate or relevant value documentation can be guarded in specific spaces present in FDM’s Document Centers:
  • Dedicated spaces named Level4 with inert gas firefighting system, controlled temperature and humidity (23° ± 2° and 50% ± 10%), smoke detectors, CCTV and access control.
  • Dedicated spaces named Level5 comparable to level4, but with further protection on accesses through anti-intrusion security door and walls (Bunker).
The constant tracking of any movement of the archived document at FDM is guaranteed by control procedures that regulate every operational activity. Through the Online Record Management System, authorized users can ask for the original or copy (paper or digital) consultation and constantly monitor the process status of the requests.
Requested documents in consultation or in original are delivered by FDM’s Staff that provides to trace the physical deliver through barcode reading of the delivered goods. The delivery of a paper receipt, printed when delivering and reporting the detail of all the delivered documentation and the copy signed for receipt by the Customer, guarantee the quality and security of the service. On Customer’s demand and for particularly relevant documentation, it’s provided also the tracking of vehicles used for the transport through GPS monitoring in real time.
After the conservation period legally provided for every kind of document, FDM supplies the Customer with the potentially retable documents. Just after having received formal authorization, documents will be sent for pulping in security. The compiling of the pulping form, delivered to the Customer by PEC, will certify the accomplished destruction of documents.
All the operational phases are traced and verifiable through FDM’s Online Record Management System. The user has available reporting functions to analyze the requests and accomplished deliveries status


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