A globalized market, free from geographical and time constraints, together with organizational and business factors, as well as the opportunities offered by digital transformation, are radically changing the traditional paradigms of the workplace and offer great opportunities in terms of flexibility, efficiency and cost reduction.
The work relationship is increasingly less dependent on place and time, which is especially true for office jobs. New contractual patterns are emerging worldwide: they are more flexible and result-oriented rather than rule-based (see the leading examples of Netflix and Uber).
Italy is part of this change and has less rigid legal instruments than in the past (i.e. Jobs Act).
Furthermore, physical locations are extremely expensive, especially in large cities, therefore the relationship between work and office has been redesigned, thus offering solutions both inside the company (from the obsolete notion of open space to the latest trend of smart building) and outside the company (coworking, business center, BarCamp).
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FDM provides a solution (namely a combination of skills, web technologies, services and infrastructures) that allows workplace portability on the desktop of your mobile device.
SMARTDESK by FDM enables an authorized operator to access all contents (inbound and outbound mail, documents and information), tools (apps, online communication channels, ERP) and document processes (workflow, authorizations etc ..) to perform every front or back office task required.
SMARTDESK is not just an application, but a collection of technologies and services that enable content dematerialization and process automation.
It is scalable, widely customizable and it can be perfectly integrated with the customer’s legacy environment.
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